All of our hosting packages include shared SSL certificates that you can use. However, if you plan to offer e-commerce services on your site or have another need for a public-facing SSL site, we recommend you purchase your own certificate. Otherwise, web site visitors will be presented with a warning that your site is not safe, because the shared certificate does not match the URL of your site.

We can purchase and install affordable SSL certificates for our customers, at the following rates:

  • Standard certificate for a single subdomain (i.e., $15/year
  • Wildcard certificate for multiple subdomains (i.e., * $160/year

With each SSL certificate, there is $15 installation charge and a $15/year charge for a private IP address (required). The installation fee is a one-time charge with each installation, so you can save money by purchasing a multi-year certificate.

SSL certificates can be confusing and must be used exactly as purchased/installed, so if you are considering using an SSL on your site, please contact us for more information.