How do I deal with SPAM?

Our email servers are configured to analyze and identify suspected SPAM messages. Depending on your setup, SPAM email will either be marked with ***SPAM*** in the subject line or will be blocked entirely.

You can filter SPAM messages with ***SPAM*** at the beginning of the subject line by setting a rule in your email client to move these messages to a separate folder. There is a Rules Wizard in Outlook and Outlook Express to help you create a rule.

Occassionally SPAM messages will get through that are not identified as SPAM. If you are receiving an unusual number of SPAM messages that are getting through without being identified, especially if the messages are very similar in nature (such as the same sender, subject line, or the content of the message).  If this is happening, we can probably re-configure your SPAM filtering to block these messages if you send us several sample messages.

In order to create an effective filter, we will need to see the complete message including header information for the SPAM messages that you are receiving. There are two ways to forward the emails so that we can see all the header information…

(1) Create a new email to and then select “Insert” -> “Item”. Hold the Ctrl key and then click to select the messages that you want to attach.
(2) Hold the Ctrl key and then click to select the messages that you want to send, and then right-click and select Forward. That should open a new message window with the individual spam messages attached. Send the message to

NOTE: Either option will work in Microsoft Outlook. In Outlook Express, only option (2) will work.