How do I access webmail?

Webmail allows you to send and receive e-mail from any web browser.

Webmail is not inteded to be the primary means of accessing your account, or you will fill up the available space on the server for your messages (your e-mail quota). For best results, handle most of your e-mail from an e-mail program on your computer (like Outlook Express or Outlook), and only use webmail when you are away from your primary computer. When you send/receive mail from an e-mail program on your computer, it will be saved on your computer where you can easily access it at a later date, and it will not count against your quota on the mail server.

To access webmail:

  1. Go to http://[your_web_site]/webmail in a web browser.
    (For example,
  2. Login with your full e-mail address as your username and your e-mail password.
  3. Once you login, you can select from the Horde, SquirrelMail, or RoundCube webmail clients.
    **We recommend RoundCube for its nice interface and ease of use.**

In addition to the large icons for the webmail clients, you will see various icons along the bottom of the page, giving you access to other features you can control for your e-mail account, such as:

Important things to remember when using webmail:

  • If you delete messages from webmail, make sure to emtpy your trash folder or the messages will continue to take up space on the server and fill up your quota. To empty your trash folder:
    – In Roundcube, click the Trash folder, then click the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, and select Empty. (To empty your trash automatically every time you log out of Roundcube, click Settings in the top right corner, click Server Settings, and check the box next to “Clear Trash on logout”.)
    – In SquirrelMail, click “Purge” next to the “Trash” folder name in the left navigation bar.

  • When you send mail from webmail, add your e-mail address to the Bcc: line if you would like to save a copy of the sent message in the e-mail program on your computer. The email will be delivered to your Inbox, and you can move it to your Sent Items folder if you’d like.
  • If you send a lot of mail from webmail or if you send large attachments from webmail, periodically delete/purge the items in your Sent folder or take up space on the server and fill up your quota.

What messages will I be able to see via webmail?

  • One thing to note about using webmail is that will not have all the same email that you see in the e-mail program on your computer.  Webmail only contains the email that you’ve received since Outlook was last told to download your email and remove it from the server.  So, when you leave the office, make sure that Outlook is closed – then when you check your webmail it will contain all email that was received since you closed your e-mail program.  When you open your e-mail program back up, it will download all the mail that you saw in webmail.
  • You may want to configure your e-mail program to leave messages on the server for a short time, even after they are downloaded onto your computer. Click here for instructions on changing this setting.

If you have any questions about accessing webmail or configuring options for your e-mail account, please contact for assistance.